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The most advanced software that handles retail and wholesale through e-commerce shops, wholesale platforms like Tyre24,,, eBay, Allegro. Tyresoft since 2007.

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What do we do?

Are you looking for software for your tire service that will solve our of your problems concerning selling tyres and rims? Maybe you have problems with contolling your stocks or managing your clients orders. Maybe your present IT system needs too much handling or is too costly? Do you have problems with your cashflow and tracking what happens to your merchandise?

TyreSoft is a platform that was created to solve your problems and develop your business focusing on your clients.

Our software supports handling of merchandise that come from different sellers, wholesellers, tire producers locally or internationally. Efficiency is possible no matter the size of your business or specialization.

TyreSoft software support business processes from controlling your stock levels, through invoice, customer contact, marketing and managing human resources and finance.

Why is it worth to work with us?

Unlimited users

There are no fees for the position.
Regardless of the size of your business and the number of employees, you only pay for the software once.


You buy a software license from us once and you can use it indefinitely. This means that fixed maintenance fees are limited to the server only! Tailored to individual needs.

Hosting and service

We service many tire companies, hence we know how important is the failure-free in the season. We provide secure and stable servers.

Integration of sales channels


automatic price calculation, creation of auctions, responsive auction templates, automatic closing of the auctions based on current stock levels, the ability to handle orders within store


automatic display of tires and rims based on available magazines, automatic price calculation, integration with sales programs, price comparison, ebay, allegro, delivery companies and agents, integration with tire manufacturers, wholesalers and wholesale merchandise platforms, automatic ordering of goods

B2B online wholesale

integration with the sales program, displaying all goods in the warehouse based on available inventory, automatic price calculation, automatic export of the file with stock levels, tracking orders from suppliers, automatic sending of goods from the supplier

wholesale platforms

automatic collection of inventory from many sources, own warehouses and suppliers, automatic sending of inventory to tyre24 (all countries),,, with the possibility of applying a different pricing policy and downloading orders from platforms to the sales program automatic ordering of goods from the supplier directly to the end customer - tyres dropshipping.


products with all parameters

Car, truck, industrial, agricultural, motorcycle tires of all makes. Alloy and steel wheels of selected brands.

We provide complete product databases, including seasonal classification and tire eu labels for most products available in domestic distribution. Thanks to integration with tire manufacturers and wholesalers, our software automatically updates product data, adds new products and updates their current parameters. It is possible to buy a database of tires, rims, along with an update schedule.

photos and descriptions

Car, truck, industrial, agricultural, motorcycle tires of all makes. Steel and aluminum rims of selected brands.

We offer the opportunity to purchase a photo database of tires, along with their update. The photos are in high definition, and on special request they can be signed with a watermark of an online store. Photographs can be classified by the SAP / CAI product code, EAN code, brand name and tread name, so that you can easily integrate photos with an online store or an online tire wholesale store.

car fitting

Tires, wheels and car wheels, trucks, industrial, agricultural, motorcycle brands.

We offer complete vehicle databases, containing information about the size of tires and rims mounted in individual makes, models, yearbooks, engine versions and equipment for passenger cars, 4x4 and motorcycles. Thanks to this database, updated once a year, it is possible to create unique configurators for the selection of rims, wheels and tires.

Obsługiwane produkty


Car, passenger, delivery, 4x4, truck, industrial, agricultural, motorcycle, quad tires. New and used.

Summer, winter, all-year tires, run on flat (runflat), reinforced (XL), with homologation.

Selection configurator for the make, model and vintage vehicle, both for car and motorcycle tires.


Felgi stalowe i aluminiowe.

Configurator for choosing wheels and aluminum and steel rims ALCAR. Full integration, including stock levels and prices.


Valves, centering rings, screws, safety screws, TPMS sensors (configuration configurator)

Inne systemy


Full support of tire storage along with relocations

The software automatically generates acceptance protocols, issues, stickers on tires, assigns store numbers.

The system supports many warehouses and creates a convenient system of tire relocation between warehouses.


Service of tire replacement stations, manual car wash

It is possible to arrange an exchange of tires or a car wash online for the customer. SMS notification about the upcoming visit. A convenient panel to manage appointments, including employee lunches and non-working days.


Sales and after-sales service for a car wash, car SPA, detailing

The software automatically reminds the customer about the visit and makes it easier to contact before and after the order.

The system allows the customer to arrange an on-line autodetailing service.

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