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Integration and automation of sales processes

What is integration and automation?

TyreSoft offers the possibility of full integration of the process of downloading warehouse stock and ordering goods through the exchange of data files. It provides the possibility of full automation of sales processes and operation of your shop in the dropshipping model.

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Replace previously manual operations, by fully automating the sales process.

Integration process.
Integrate with selected wholesalers
Offer your customers goods from integrated wholesalers and sell them in your shop
Integration process with selected wholesalers for tyre market.

Integration of your shop with wholesalers will enable you to operate your shop in the dropshipping model.


The system will download the product catalog and send orders without your involvement. This will be done automatically.

Focus on generating sales and leave the order logistics to the programme.

Sales automation process.
Sell your products on platforms
Your products on sales platforms and comparison sites such as TYRE24, Tyre100, 07ZR, Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping
The process of selling products on sales platforms in an automated way.

Integration of your offer with platforms such as Amazon, eBay, ERLI, EMAG or Google Shopping, make your products available to millions of potential customers.

Integrating and updating stock replaces many manual operations.

It runs automatically and without involving you in the process!

Save time

Integration and automatic updating of stock levels and data from the wholesalers takes place without involving you in the process and replaces many manual operations. Stocking your shop with tens of thousands of products from selected wholesalers takes only a few minutes and is done by file.

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You will reduce errors

Stock levels, product data and prices downloaded automatically from the warehouse are always up-to-date. Invoices and all documents are free of human errors.

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Develop your business

Thanks to the integration, your shop's offer will automatically broaden with all products of chosen tyre wholesalers. The tyres offered by your shop will be available on sales platforms such as ALLEGRO, ERLI, AMAZON, EBAY or price comparison sites such as Ceneo or Google Shopping for millions of potential customers in Poland and hundreds of millions in Europe. This will translate into increased turnover for your shop and and automated handling of more orders in a shorter period.

A man watching his online tyre shop grow.


System operation principle

Move the shipping process to the supplier. Focus on collecting orders and automatically send them to the supplier, who carries out the shipment of goods to the customer.


Files are updated several times a day. This means that our software will automatically download and upload new inventories. This guarantees always up-to-date data!


Orders processed for your company by wholesalers will automatically update their status to shipped to the customer with a waybill number. Wholesalers will automatically send information on which waybill numbers were used to send shipments to customers.

Waybill numbers

Orders directed to your company, and orders directed to be processed by selected wholesalers, will be prepared in a CSV file.

The best and most popular software for the tyre industry on the market

Why is TyreSoft the best choice?

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12 years of experience

We have been improving the software for tyre and rim e-commerce for 12 years. We advise and support your business with our knowledge.

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100 companies in the sector

We already work with over 100 companies in the industry. The experience of our specialists is invaluable.

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Best functionality

We give you the possibility of free expansion of your shop, integration with the most popular sales programmes.